The Battleground Baseball facility, located on Route 8 in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, was specifically designed and equipped for player growth and development.

Hitting – all machines are capable of throwing a wide variety of pitches

  • 2 Atec pitching machines
  • 2 Hack Attack pitching machines
  • 1 Spin Ball machine
  • 1 Power Alley pitching machine


  • 1 Atec ground and fly ball machine used for drills and practices

We use technology to educate our athletes and communicate their individual strengths and weakness. The information gathered is used to create custom movement and visual profiles for individualized training.

  • FMS-based custom movement screen to assess each athlete
  • Multiple Rapsodos:
    • 2 for hitting
    • 1 for pitching
  • K-Vest to track player performance and progression
  • 4D motion capture to procure raw data and see how an athlete is moving and sequencing
  • DK sensors and smart bats

Throwing Rehab Program
Recovering from an arm injury or surgery not only requires proper medical and physical therapy care, but also the direction of a baseball coach. Our team will customize your throwing program based on your previous in-game movement patterns. We will also incorporate your goals for moving forward, integrating throwing protocols with pre/post throwing routines/recovery, mobility, stability, and strength routines that will improve your in-game transfer.