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Hitting Group Package – $105 for 5
Purchase a package to save on the cost of Hitting Group sessions.

Summer Monthly Hitting, Lifting and Throwing Membership – $310
This package includes 3 Hitting Groups and 3 Lifting Groups a week.

Hitting Groups – $27
Our group hitting lessons provide an affordable, competitive hitting atmosphere, run by professional coaches. Our hitter to coach ratio is typically 3:1. Players first train to their individual customized hitting routines, then head into game-like battles with or against the other members of the group.

Strength and Movement Training
This is a customized performance program based solely on science and individualized assessments – no off-the-shelf training, no biases. Custom programs can be created for athletes 10 years old through professional level, including youth movement literacy programs to professional programs built around data from motion capture results. We will use an FMS movement screen and our own baseball assessment to build your program. These custom, calculated workouts are based on data from your specific motion captures and on-field performance, which is used to connect areas for improvement and growth to your weekly workout routines.

  • Functional strength
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Core strength
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Total body coordination
  • Rotational capabilities and sequencing
  • Shoulder and arm care

Youth Pitching Groups – $27
Ages 9-13, 15-person max. Battleground Staff of Ryan Juran, Ray Antonelli and Kade McClure will run pitching clinics. Players will learn dynamic movements necessary for elite throwing, proper loading/timing of the delivery, arm path, usage of proper kinetic chain of throwing. Program will cover all things pitching. Mental game, pick offs, PFPs, and holding runners, as well as how to attack hitters in game to work fast, throw hard and throw strikes. REMEMBER THE GOAL IS OUTS. If you’re looking for ROBOT MECHANICS this is not for you!

Infield Groups – $27
15-person max. Skill work to improve all areas of fielding: soft hands, footwork and timing, and glove hand confidence. Complex and chaotic training environment. Develop the physical and mental skills that transfer to the game!

Catching Groups – $27
6-person max. Cubs catcher Cam Balego will run a weekly elite catching clinic. All aspects of catching covered inside a complex and chaotic training environment for maximum skill transfer to the game.

Friday Night High School Battles – $10
Take on athletes from other area schools to compete in various categories.

Baseball/Softball Private Hitting Lessons
Our one-on-one hitting training is aided by technology, video and college/professional coaching experience. The goal for each athlete is not the perfect swing, but to improve game results. To schedule, email

Baseball Private Pitching Lessons
Our one-on-one pitching training focuses on the athlete’s individual movement profile. This profile is created through the use of FMS based screening, Rapsodo, motion capture technology, video and coaching experience, and is used to develop skills that transfer to the mound. To schedule, email

Baseball/Softball Private Fielding Lessons
Our one-on-one fielding training is based around in-game movement and reaction to optimize transfer to the game. To schedule, email

Baseball/Softball Private Catching Lessons
Our one-on-one catching training begins with the basic fundamentals of simplifying catching, then progresses through a training module that will strengthen both the mind and body through simulations of the in-game situations. These lessons are run by Cam Balego, currently of the Chicago Cubs and a trained catching coach.
To schedule, email

Velocity Program Sessions
Our very own Battleground velocity program has been built through years of experience, with safety as our first priority.

Youth Athletic Groups Session – $27
This group training focuses on the basics of human movement, allowing the players to be free athletically while also building decision-making skills in the midst of competition.